About Us

Our bureau in the Republic of Yemen
At the present, our bureau is considered a pioneer in the Republic of Yemen, in the field of providing professional services and the most growing up.

The base of our valued clients in Yemen to include the major financial corporations, industrial and servicing companies, externally funded projects and public sectors. In addition to over 26 companies from the private and mixed sector in Yemen.

Our client’s list includes the industrial, servicing and commercial companies as well as providing auditing services to the projects funded by international organization such WB, UNDP and a number of foreign embassies.

The success achieved by our bureau locally is a source of honor for us and resulted by major efforts exerted by the members of our bureau and also due to our strive to attract the highly qualified and skilled staff as all partners, managers ,main employees at our bureau hold scientific and professional certificates and managers and main employees are subject to continued professional training programs.

Other employees working with us hold Bachelor’s degree and as our bureau is concerned on qualification of the staff, it provides several organized educational programs to qualify them and getting membership certificates of the Chartered Accountants Association in Yemen.They are also subject to several advanced courses in the field of auditing ; financial, managerial and tax investments.

Building solid relationships based on a high proficiency and mutual confidence with our clients require a distinguished experienced team in clients services. Thus, our bureau pays a great attention in terms of selecting and training its staff based on professional and managerial capacity able to serve our clients with a highly attention.

Our staff is assembled with a long and professional experiences on the local level that enable them to achieve all assigned tasks in a professional manner.