Manager’s Expertise

Ali Ahmed Ali Ishaq

Chartered accountant and member of Arab Auditors Union
Member of Yemeni Auditors Association
Experience for over 26 years in auditing

Personal Data:
Name Ali Ahmed Ali Ishaq
Gender Male
Nationality Yemeni
Marital status Married with 4 children
Place of residence Sana’a – Yemen
Phone+967 777107766
Email[email protected]

Educational Background
1990 Bachelor of Accounting and Business Adminitration – Faculty of Commerce and Economcy – Sana’a Univerity with a very good grade and honor.


2008 Higher Diploma  in Auditing – Jordan.
  ·  Prepared and published  “Auditing Principles and Standards According to the International Auditing Principles”

·  Prepared and issued  a guidelines for good auditing and internal auditing  ( contains 750 pages and it is the first directory in Yemen for local auditing and accounting bureaus)

·   For more information about our publications , please visit publications page


Scientific and Professional Studies and Researches
  Published and prepared many professional and scientific studies and researches such as :

·        Legal Difficulties Resulted by Partnerships Bankruptcy( a comparative study between Yemen and Jordan Laws)

·        Investigation on the reasons of failure at the investment project in Yemen)

·        Internal auditing and control for corporation’s sales

·        International Monetary System under Economic Globalization

Holding several training courses in the following fields :

·        Professional Independency

·        International Auditing Principles ( IAP)

Holding several training courses in professional performance

·        Independency and consistence with ethics

·        Allocating assistants for operations

·        Advice

·        Supervision

·        Professional development and training

·        Evaluation of employees’  performance and their promotion

·        Customers’ satisfaction and continuity of relations with them.

·        Compliance with the chartered accountants rules and accounting bureaus related rules.

Practical Experiences
  1-    Approved expert with World Bank  (WB) since 14 years up to date.

2-    Supervised on auditing dozens of projects , loans and grants affiliated to WB and other regional and international funds.

3-    Approved expert and consultant with Reconciliation and Arbitration Center – Sana’a

4-    Partner at Accounting House and manager of Saba Auditing Bureau in Yemen since 1995 until 2000.

5-    Prepared draft of provisions and references for the restructuring of Kamaran Co. for Industry , Investment and supervision on executing the restructuring and preparing the internal bylaws -2012.

6-    Full supervision on executing Mineral Water and Soft Drinks  Factory Project .

7-    Establishing dozens of companies for private sector in Yemen

8-    Establishing several companies outside Yemen ; in Jordan and Egypt during ( 2006-2011) and managing many of them during establishment period.

9-    Member of board of directors in several private companies according to the agreement of owners with commitment of independency  principle.

10-          Representing several foreign investors in Yemen and preparing feasibility study for investment and industrial projects inside and outside Yemen.

11-          Managing several defected private sector companies due to managerial problems or financial crises authorized by the owners and recovering 90% of the activity after organizing the internal , financial , administrative , technical and commercial departments based on modern scientific principles and nominating new managerial staff ; liquidating 10% of them according to the accounting principles and integral regulations .

Professional Experiences
  We carried out , during our previous employments as a manager of |Saba Auditing Co. and Partners in Yemen , accounts auditing for banks including :

·        Central Bank of Yemen

·        Yemen Reconstruction and Development Bank

·        Arab Bank

·        International Bank of Yemen

·        Yemen Kuwait Bank

·        Al-Rafidain Bank

Founder and manager of Ali Ahmed Ishaq Bureau , Chartered Accountants , for more details , please visit our website: . We audited accounts for banks and governmental bodies including but not limited :

·         Central Bank of Yemen

·        Arab Bank

·        Watani Bank

·        Public Electricity Corporation

·        Local Water Corporation

We also audited accounts for several projects affiliated to WB such as :

1-    Primary education development project ( loan No.3988)

2-    Primary education expansion project ( loan No.3422)

3-    Secondary education development and girls access ( loan No.44010)

4-    Underground water and soil preservation project ( loan No.38600)

5-    Incentive grant project ( education for all ) , No.TF056099)

6-    Higher education quality improvement project , ID No. H-558)

7-    Higher education quality improving project , ID No. ( Japanese Grant ) No.Q-682)

8-    Higher education quality improving project , ID No. ( Japanese Grant ) No. TF-093102)

9-    Rainfall agriculture and livestock project ,Loan No.4220

10-                        Bio-Diversity and climate change , Grant No.( TF-098754)

11-                        Bio-Diversity and climate change , Grant No.( TF-096330)

12-                        Bio-Diversity and climate change , Grant No.( TF-099469)

13-                        Accountability Promotion Project in Yemen

14-                        Climate Information Systems Projects

15-                        Adaptation with climate change project , Grant NO.( TF-097544)

We have also audited accounts of private sector companies including but not limited :

·        Aljazeera and Gulf Co. for Drugs and Medical Appliances

·        Arab Peninsula  Agency for Travel and Tourism

·        Lebanon Cardio-Surgery and Diseases Hospital

·        Yemen Modern Schools

·        Yemen Co. for Supplies and Equipment

·        Yemen Modern Group

·        Partners Azm Co. For General Trading

·        Kawkaban Trading Co.

·        Future University for Management &IT

·        Madhag Alahmar Agriculture Corporation

·        Alqafaf Co. for Contracting

·        Yemen Saudi Co. for Mineral Industries.

·        Hams Trading Co.

·        Kawkaban Agency for Travel and Tourism

·        Almanar Agency for Travel , Tourism , Haj and Umran

·        Aljeel Aljadeed Group

·        Alresala Foundation

·        Almutareb Trading Co.

·        General Electronics Co.

·        Oyses Computer co.

·        Altaj General Trading Co.

·        Arab Trading Co.

·        Plaza Suites Hotel

·        Specialized Pediatrics Clinic

·        Alanesi Eye Hospital

·        Alanesi Co. for Contracting and General Trading

·        Reconciliation and Arbitration Center

·        Universal Drugs Co.

·        Alsafa Trading and Contracting Co.

Implemented several operations represented in re-evaluation of companies including :

·        Evaluation of Poultry in Mabar belongs to Guman Trading Co. in 1997.

·        Lebanon Cardio-Surgery and Diseases Hospital

·        Re-evaluation of Future University  for Management and IT

·        Re-evaluation of Yemen Co. for Modern Schools.

·        Madhag Alahmar Agricultural Corporation

Implemented several operations represented in economic feasibility studies including but not limited:

·        Feasibility study for Mayoon Co. for Mineral Water and Soft Drinks

·        Feasibility study and business plan for Steel Factory in Yemen

Prepared financial and administrative systems ( organizational structure , jobs description and bylaws ) for many private , public and mixed companies including but not limited :

1-    Military Works Directorate

2-    Yemen Saudi Co. for Metal Industries

3-    Yemen Modern Schools

4-    Madhag Agricultural Corporation

5-    Hamd Trading  Co. Ltd.

6-    Aljeel Aljadeed Group

7-    Yemen Company for Supplies and Equipment

8-    Aljazeera And Gulf Co. for Drugs and Medical Supplies

Activity in Jordan during the period from 2006 until 2011:

·        Partner at the International Bureau for Financial and Legal Consulting –Amman in association with Kreston International Group

·        Evaluation of Advanced Company for Veterinary Drugs and Pesticides – Amman – Industrial City – Sehab City.

·        Auditing the accounts of the Advanced Company for for Veterinary Drugs and Pesticides – Amman – Industrial City – Sehab City.