Our Vision and Principles

Our vision:

Excellence in our professional performance and its continuous evaluation.
Commitment to the internationally accepted accounting and auditing standards in the Republic of Yemen.
Providing the best professional services to our clients, consulting and solutions to tackle all problems facing them in their business.
Contribute to raising the level of the accounting and auditing profession in the Republic of Yemen, in cooperation with relevant official bodies, local and foreign organizations and associations, and associate offices.
Continuous development and qualification of our cadres through training programs inside and outside the office and guidance and supervision during work.
Qualification of technical and national competencies and skills in the profession of auditing and accounting.

We also adhere to the basic principles of auditing and review, the most important of which are:

Integrity, impartiality and independence:
Through fairness and impartiality, we maintain our impartiality and independence, in fact and in appearance.

By preserving the information that is available to us during the performance of the mission, except in cases that are required by the requirements of the law or work requirements.

Skill and Efficiency:
Through we exerted the necessary professional care in carrying out the task and preparing reports (through our technical staff working with them, who have experience, practical competence, and specialized skill).

Planning and documentation:
It is our policy to plan and document all of our work – as the mission is planned on the basis of preliminary information that we obtained by examining the internal system of the facility.

Popular oversight has an important and effective role in the absence of government oversight, through reports, news, and views published by the media, regarding plans and projects.