Ways and methods of auditing stages used

a) Stages of financial statements auditing

a- 1 The first stage: action plan preparation:
We prepare the audit plan based on the information that we get through the field survey.The stage of action plan preparation is considered the most important stage of the audit and the foundation on which we build our plan of action to be followed in the next stages, and we learn through this stage the details of the client’s activities and the applicable internal control systems, therefore we prepare a comprehensive plan for the (interim and final auditing) process including the procedures to be followed.

a-2 The second stage: interim auditing and documenting the extent of reliance on the internal control systems:
After setting up a comprehensive action plan for the audit process, we study and check the internal control systems followed for the purpose of identifying the nature of the internal control procedures to ensure the safety of the final balances, as well as the extent of impact of the public sphere of facility’s business on the results of operations, and based on concluded findings, we document the extent of use on such regulations which will give us a conviction that the year-end balances will be sound and according to the procedures applied accurately. However ,for those actions that check process shows us that there are irregularities or errors, we update and modify the fundamental auditing processes for the purpose of confirming the fairness of such balances in which we do not rely on regarding the internal control system followed according to the progressive auditing results. We provide the client with a detailed book on all weakness points that drew our attention during the checking process of the internal control designed according to the client’s instructions.

a-3 Third stage: Final Auditing and Fundamental Procedures:
After the completion of the second stage, which will determine us the important matters of accounting and auditing which require doing substantial auditing procedures. After receiving the data at the end of the period from the facility management, we check all balances contained within those accounts for the purpose of ascertaining their fairness and they are properly prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. Such procedures will include sending the necessary approvals for the audit process and justify the deviations, if any, that we observe through the analytical process we carry out and other substantial auditing procedures followed in accordance with the international Auditing Standards.

a- 4: The fourth stage: Evaluation the Auditing results and Reporting:
After the completion of the interim and final auditing process, and based on our findings we obtained from the concerned management and from facility management at the final meeting, we assess the results of the audit for the purpose of determining the nature and form of the final report on the financial statements as well as the detailed report about the weaknesses that have emerged during the auditing process and our recommendations on them, including the necessary analysis for the entity’s business.

(b)Special Methods

Providing the team with a Laptop furnished with an audit program.The have been trained touse it. It is used when conducting a visit for the client if necessary as the procedures are prepared in a way that enable the team to carry out auditing process based on the nature of the facility activity.
Our procedures related to auditing, enable us to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the degree of coherence in the work of auditing and the degree of harmony with the existing requirements locally and internationally.
  • The use of united standards to prove the documentary auditing.